Suits and Boots is a grassroots organization founded in April of 2018 by a group of investment community colleagues (Suits) who support the working families of the resource sector (Boots). We have since grown to more than 3,700 members in more than 340 communities in every province and territory of Canada.

Our goal is to help influence policy makers and decision makers to support responsible resource development in Canada.

Since we started, we’d accomplished the following:

  • Held a pro-resource rally in Langley, British Columbia on May 26th, 2018 and worked with four other groups so that we all held simultaneous rallies that same day. That’s the largest ever resource rally ever to be held in BC to this day. Please look at the video here.
  • We called for the squatters in the Camp Cloud protest site by Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby property to leave as the courts ordered them to do so.  See here in these reports:
  • Last October we launched our campaign to #KillBillC69 in the Senate. We had an airplane fly over Parliament Hill with our banner:







  • Our supporters started an email campaign to write to Senators to #KillBillC69
  • Our supporters contacted the Standing Senate Committee for Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources on Bill C69