Ottawa Convoy – We Roll With Brad Schell

February, 2019

Brad left his home in High River, AB with his Kenworth truck and trailer proudly decked out in a Suits and Boots logo.  He arrived here on Sunday afternoon Brad is an absolutely amazing individual, a proud Albertan, and even prouder Canadian.  Suits and Boots cannot think of a better ambassador than Brad.

Brad left Calgary on Feb 13th, a day before the larger convoy, now called “United We Roll”, started on the 14th. The wiring on Brad’s heater gave out an hour after he left home. He drove the next five days in a row, through snow storms in Manitoba and Ontario, with limited heat in the cab of his truck. He put in 12-14 hour days on his own. He’s not on social media. His cell phone is a flip phone that dates, probably, from 1993. He called Rick once a day to give us progress. Rick always asked what we could do to help. The answer was always the same. “Nothing – I’m fine.”

Brad’s Kenworth is not just any old truck. It’s a vintage 1982 W900 Kenworth. Truck lovers have been drooling on it on our social media account. That truck is Brad’s baby. He cares for it, nurtures it, cleans it, polishes it, and take great pride in it. One of the first things we did on Sunday was get it steam washed, and then put into a truck hangar overnight to dry. Today we spent 90 minutes cleaning it, polishing it, making it look absolutely stunning. As Brad said, “This truck has to look sharp for everyone in Ottawa. We don’t want them thinking we don’t know how to look after our equipment.” It’s an honour to be invited into the cab of this truck with him on Tuesday for the convoy.

Here are three short YouTube clips showing the Kenworth in the Ottawa garage and one side of the trailer:


This event was a partial success. Brad and Rick were hoping this convoy would send a clear, strong, pro-resource message to Ottawa. At the end of the day, it fell short. Crowds were thin, media reports were scattered.