Find Your Voice

Suits and Boots is a not-for-profit grassroots organization that provides a voice for business sector “Suits” and industry worker “Boots” who support Canada’s resource sector.

For far too long opponents of Canada’s resource industry have been on the offensive, and have been winning.

They’ve dominated the air waves. They’ve won the ground game. And they’ve amassed a fortune in donations from offshore interests. All in an effort to stifle Canada’s free and unfettered access to foreign resource markets.

We can change that. And we have, since we launched in May of 2018. But we’re still missing one more voice – yours.

You now have a voice.

We provide you with a platform that allows your voice to be heard. We will help connect directly with Members of Parliament, Senators, energy sector executives and like-minded people across Canada who share your views, your concerns and your hopes.

We defend the rule of law. We promote the responsible development of Canada’s abundant natural resources. We help create wealth for all Canadians by working to promote free access to world markets for our resources.

And we help make sure your voice – our voices – are heard loud and clear.

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