Lighting a fire in the Senate

Dear Friend,

Two quick updates for you today:

    1. United We Roll convoy in Ottawa: Brad Schell is still on the road in his Kenworth today, heading home from Ottawa where he took part in the “United We Roll” convoy on Parliament Hill on Tuesday. The picture above shows our Suits and Boots logo on the front of Brad’s 53 ft trailer parked right in front of the Parliament buildings.This event was a partial success. Brad and I were hoping this convoy would send a clear, strong, pro-resource message to Ottawa. At the end of the day, it fell short. Crowds were thin, media reports were scattered and focussed on immigration issues that some of the yellow vest convoy members were vocal about. The yellow vest contingent in the convoy was a majority of those who showed up. There’s nothing wrong with them coming out in support of resource issues, but the fact that they brought a whole host of other issues to the table meant that the clear focus we were hoping for was lost.To be clear, this slant that the convoy event took was unexpected for Brad and I both. And it was disappointing, as I know it is for many of you.Pulling this convoy together is a monumental effort, and the organizers should be congratulated for an amazing job. But at the end of the day, the mixed messaging on immigration and other issues was a distraction. Brad and I took great comfort, though, in seeing the number of everyday people that he met along the way come up to him and thank him for his role in standing up for the resource sector. That in itself made the whole trip worthwhile.And again, I cannot tell you how great an ambassador Brad is for Suits and Boots. He is passionate, a strong advocate for our group, engaging and a delight to be with. Our message, the Suits and Boots message of strong support for Canada’s resource sector, rang loud and clear in Ottawa. And we have Brad to thank for that.Let’s wish him a safe journey home to High River. If all goes well, he’ll get there on Saturday. I’ll update you next week.
    2. Update from the Senate – the Committee hearings on Bill C-69 are proceeding at snail’s pace in the Senate committee hearings. We’ve asked that Suits and Boots present to the committee, as well as Andrew Roman, who we believe, as you likely know, would be a powerful spokesperson to advocate for the changes to Bill C-69 that we believe need to happen. You can read more about that here.Three weeks ago the Senate committee decided they would conduct the hearings across Canada – a victory for Suits and Boots since we’ve been calling on that for a long time. But since then there’s been no word on when or where those hearings start, or even if we’ll be invited. That, too, is frustrating.Here’s some more insight on this from this Twitter exchange I had Wednesday night with Independent Senator Paula Simons, of Edmonton, with one comment from Edmonton Journal columnist David Staples:

      Rick Peterson: “Does (Senator Simons) know when Suits and Boots, Andrew Roman and others find out if they speak to Committee? We see Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers “Suits” there yesterday. When & where do “Boots” get a voice?“

      Senator Simons: “We instructed our steering committee to come up with a witness list. Last night we heard from CAPP. Tomorrow we hear from the Canadian Electricity Association, the Canadian Nuclear Association, Explorers & Producers Association of Canada & Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. But I don’t know when other witnesses are scheduled. And we’re still figuring out when & where we’re travelling. I know people are frustrated. But by Senate committee standards, we’re actually working at light-speed.

      Rick Peterson: “Wow. ‘Committee standards.’ Ask a Drayton Valley small business if they understand ‘Committee standards’. Lots and lots and lots of Suits there on your list. Just sayin’…”

      David Staples: “No need to rush 😊 “

      Rick Peterson: “I’m thinking of using that line at home. ‘I know I’ve promised to get that garage cleaned, but by Senate Committee standards… Think that will work?”

      Senator Simons: “We are rushing. Or at least, working efficiently. Believe me. We need to get the hearings done, and the amendments passed, before the end of June. As a journalist, I know well that a deadline focuses the mind.”

      Rick Peterson: “Then please light a fire there, Senator. Alberta and Canada are waiting.”

      Senator Simons: “You need to send that message to some of my other committee colleagues. I’m pushing for things to go faster, believe me.”

      Rick Peterson: “Tell me who and 3,600 Suits and Boots supporters across Canada will pick up the phone tomorrow morning. Believe me, they will.”


Let’s give her another week and see if things have moved. If not, we’ll know what to do, right?

Thanks for your interest and support.

Rick Peterson,