Rocking the Boat

I’ll be off to Saskatoon on Wednesday to share some Suits and Boots insights there with a business group in that city who kindly invited me to join them on your behalf.

Here are details of the event hosted by the North Saskatoon Business Association. Should be a lot of fun – I’ll pass along an update to you shortly after.

The Senate C-69 Committee hearings are continuing their cross Canada tour in St. John’s NL, Halifax NS, St. John NB and Quebec City QC this week. The transcript of our Suits and Boots testimony with Brad Schell has not yet been posted on the Senate website, nor have the 37 letters written by Suits and Boots supporters that we sent in for members of the Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee to study. We’ll let you know as soon as they are up.

Interesting note to pass along to you: we’re obviously rocking the boat a little with people who don’t appreciate the success we’re having in our Bill C-69 campaign. You will clearly see that in this letter below we received shortly before our Senate Committee appearance from the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying in Canada:

Shortly thereafter I had a conversation with a very helpful official in the Commissariat’s office, who then sent me the following email on April 8th:

Dear Mr. Peterson:

It was a pleasure speaking with you a few moments ago.

As you state below that there are no paid employees at Suits and Boots, your organization is not required to register with our office.  The Lobbying Act only requires registration when individuals are paid to lobby the federal government.

Should you, in the future, receive payment for any federal lobbying activities and have questions whether registration is required, please do not hesitate to contact our Registration and Client Services Directorate at 613-957-2760.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Best regards,

So there we go – swing and a miss from whoever asked the Commissariat to check us out. 😊

Nobody is paid a salary at Suits and Boots. Absolutely nobody.

We do our best to pay the appropriate fees to the amazing people who provide website hosting, social media, media relations and admin services to us at rates far below what they should be charging us – but we’re often behind, and they kindly wait until we’re able to catch up.

We receive no support from any corporate entity. ZERO. We run on your donations alone – we are fuelled only by your grassroots support – which you can show by clicking here NOW!

Thanks again for your support.
Rick Peterson,