Senator Letter

Many people have been asking for a template letter to send to the Senators.  We encourage you to write about your own story in a letter. Here is a starting point should need some inspiration.



Dear Senator:

I am writing you to add my voice to the growing outcry against The Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69), and call upon you to vote against this harmful legislation and join our campaign to #KillBillC69.

Canadians have never shied away from stringent environmental regulation. It is core to our national identity that we extract our national resources responsibly and ethically. Environmental assessments ensuring proposed projects meet our environmental and social standards are important. However, by adding layers of unnecessary red tape, delays, and giving politicians the power to arbitrarily delay or cancel important and well-considered projects without cause, Bill C-69 will not do anything to make our resource projects any more responsible but will do a lot to harm Canadian families like mine. It will cost jobs, and drive investment to other countries offering certainty in their review processes.

The senate has the power and responsibility to vote down such ill-considered legislation. That is the very definition of sober second thought. Please exercise that power on behalf of all Canadians who will be harmed if Bill C-69 becomes law.

Kind regards,