Suits and Boots invited to speak before Senate Bill C-69 Committee

Dear Friend,

Great news – Suits and Boots has been invited to speak before the Senate Committee studying Bill C-69 in Calgary on Tuesday, April 9th!

And, here’s some more great news: retired Toronto litigator Andrew Roman will also to speak to the same Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources. He will be doing so in Ottawa next Tuesday, April 2nd, a week before Honorary Suits and Boots Chair Brad Schell, a retired oil patch trucker from High River, AB, and I will be representing you in Calgary.

Rick Peterson & Brad Schell – Representing Suits & Boots in Senate Bill C-69 Committee hearings on April 9th in Calgary

Both of these invitations are huge wins for you and our other 3,700+ members of Suits and Boots who are in 330 communities in every province and territory across Canada.

Your voice will be heard. Loud and clear. Make no mistake about it. As this Senate committee travels across Canada in April, it’s important they hear the perspective of everyday pro-resource supporters who normally aren’t heard, seen or acknowledged amid the noise and cacophony of professional and foreign funded anti-resource protest groups.

Thank you so much for your work in getting us in front of the Senate. This is truly an amazing feat for a grassroots organization that is less than a year old, has received absolutely zero financial support from corporations in the energy and mining sector, and has been financed by online donations from our supporters.

This is likely a first in Canadian political history. And it’s all because of your work.

It was your phone calls, emails, persistence and support that made this happen. Here is the link to the campaign that succeeded in getting Mr. Roman invited by the Senate Committee. And here is the link to the start of our #KillBillC69 campaign last September – a campaign that spread like wildfire and allowed you and our other supporters , according to Licia Corbella of the Calgary Herald, to play a leadership role on one of the most important issues to affect Canada’s resource sector in decades.

But we are not done yet. Brad and I have some surprises in store for our Committee appearance that we think you’ll like. More on that later.

But the most important part of our presentation is passing along YOUR comments.  We are actually going to deliver a file with your comments and input – translated into both official languages, a complete Suits and Boots perspective on this issue  – so that every Member of the Committee will know exactly what you think about Bill C-69.

So will the media – we will make sure of that. This hearing will be televised and will receive significant media coverage, especially since it’s happening in Calgary. You could not ask for a better opportunity to have your voice heard.

So – here’s what we need you to do now:

  1. Send me a reply email – and write us a few paragraphs on why you think Bill C-69 will hurt you, your family, your community and your country. Here are our Ten Reasons to Kill Bill C69.
  2. Write about your own personal experience. Your background – why you feel it’s important that your voice be heard. Tell how this Bill will affect you directly. We’ve heard time and again from Senators that your original emails and stories were so powerful and persuasive compared to the canned email templates of other groups. That’s why we’re invited to the Senate – so let’s do it one more time.
  3. Be polite. Be respectful. Be forceful and make your points loud and clear. Write one line, or a few paragraphs, or a full page – but not more.
  4. Put your full name down and the name of your community where you live. Anonymous notes won’t be delivered to the Senate.
  5. Finally – NOW is the time to spread the word. Tell friends of yours who feel like you do to Join Suits and Boots by clicking here and sending their comments that we will reproduce for the Senate Committee.

This is the home stretch of our #KillBillC69 campaign. Let’s push hard and get it done. Help Brad and me represent you – and make your voice heard – before the Senate on April 9th.

Thank you for your support. We need your voice now – more than ever. Let’s get it done.

Rick Peterson, Founder