“Suits and Boots” Launches with Plans for Massive May 26th Rally in Vancouver

The newest voice of support for Canada’s resource industry is set to launch on May 26th in Vancouver with what it bills will be the largest pro-resource rally ever held in Canada.

“Suits and Boots” is a federally registered non-profit, founded by former Conservative leadership candidate Rick Peterson and a group of his associates in the investment industry from across Canada.

“We’ve reached a tipping point in Canada where we really need more people to step up and get involved in this effort,” said Peterson, an Edmonton-based businessman who helps finance public and private companies in Canada’s resource and technology sectors.

“Many people I work with in the capital markets have strong ideas, but far too often we’re slow to get up and do something about it. We want to change that right now and bring together people from across Canada in a completely non-partisan effort to see if we can move the needle and defend our resource sector. That is the genesis of Suits and Boots.”

Kinder Morgan’s self-imposed deadline of May 31st on a decision on the future of its planned Trans Mountain pipeline was the catalyst that helped start and launch the Suits and Boots efforts. The group is planning to help promote and organize a massive pro-resource rally in Vancouver on May 26th, in what it says will be the largest ever rally of its kind in Canada.

“We’ve received a huge outpouring of support from Suits and Boots both across Canada, including BC and Alberta, but also Ontario and a Quebec,” said Peterson.

“We will have trucks and rigs and families from across Canada travel to Vancouver on the 26th in what will be peaceful and orderly but powerful demonstration of support for Kinder Morgan,” said Peterson.

Peterson said that his group is working closely with other groups that have successfully staged other such rallies in the past weeks in British Columbia and Alberta to assure broad and wide support for the May 26th rally.

“We owe a lot to people like Steward Muir of Resource Works for all of his efforts to this point. He’s offered to help us organize the May 26th rally and join the Suits and Boots board,” he said.

“With Stewart known as a staunch Liberal and me as a federal Conservative, there’s no better proof that this is a non-partisan political effort.”