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We recognize that for far too long, opponents of Canada’s resource industry have been on the offensive, and have been winning.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to push back. It’s time to help build.

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Supporter’s Letter

November 13, 2018

Here’s an email that Suits and Boots supporter Tim Cameron of Drayton Valley, Alberta, shared on Monday, November 12th, with Senator Paula Simons, following up on our Suits and Boots email of last week. This is an amazing email, which I was copied on, and captures the essence of what our #KillBillC69 campaign is all about. Tim has given me permission to share it with you. Read this, and you’ll see why I wanted to share this: “Good Evening Senator, “I’m a proud 43-year-old father to three amazing sons, and the husband to a hard working, diligent, inspirational woman I am so honored to call my wife.  Our family unit started 20 years ago with the birth of our oldest son, and stayed together through our next two sons.  That changes tomorrow but I’ll get to that in a moment.  Our little family happily worked together when my career had me busy 350 days a year.  We dug deep and found ways to cut back expenditures in 2015 when the bottom of the price of oil came and there was no work to be had in Alberta.  Thank goodness we saved for downturns.  We’ll continue to work together, but we’ve been presented with a challenge unlike any we’ve ever faced. “The differential price of oil slowed industry activity in West Central Alberta in August and…

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