Suits and Boots is a grassroots organization that brings together business people from across Canada to support and defend Canada’s resource industry workers and their families.

We provide a strong voice that speaks up for responsible resource development in Canada. We can call on a motivated base of supporters – business “Suits” and industry worker “Boots” – who can mobilize whenever and wherever needed to defend Canada’s resource industry.

We recognize that for far too long, opponents of Canada’s resource industry have been on the offensive, and have been winning. They’ve dominated the air waves. They’ve won the ground game. And they’ve amassed a fortune in donations from offshore interests. All in an effort to stifle Canada’s free and unfettered access to foreign resource markets.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to push back. It’s time to help build – along with others who are already in the fight – a movement that defends the rule of law, that promotes the responsible development of Canada’s abundant natural resources, and help create wealth for all Canadians by working to promote free access to world markets for our resources.

Ours in one more voice in this important fight. We’re fully committed. We need your help.

Rick Peterson – Founder & Director

Ryan Atkins – Director

Andrew Mann – Director

Lorne Mayencourt – VP Strategic Planning

Philippe Cloutier – Director

Kathleen Brayford – Director

Gord Shank – Director

Shawn Hall – PR Consultant

Luke Hamer – Director of Social Media